Services for minicipal and private clients

Waste sorting, compost analytics, fermentation tests, pollutant analytics according to BGK, material flow analytics, waste management concepts, odour measurements, emission measurements, dispersion calculations


  • biogas potential
  • degree of rotting
  • biodegradability
  • Pollutant analysis according to methods of the Federal Compost Quality Association (BGK)
  • heavy metals
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • trace element
  • odour measurements
  • prognosis models
  • Laser-assisted methane measurement over surfaces
  • Pollutant analyses 
  • Functional measurements of biofilters
  • waste classifications
  • biowaste potential
  • residual waste analysis
  • recycling potential
  • prognoses
  • simulations
centrifugal mill
centrifugal mill


  • AOX Analyzer Mitsubishi TOX 10
  • Gas chromatograph HRGC 5300, Carlo Erba with combination detector of FID and ECD
  • Micro-GC Chrompack CP 2002 with WLD
  • Carbon-Sulfur-Determinator Eltra CS 500
  • TOCbio - Determination apparatus
  • Gas developing apparatus for the determination of metallic aluminium content
  • Spectrophotometer Shimadzu Spectronic 210 UV
  • CSB rapid test device
  • Laser-assisted methane measurement
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Flame ionization detectors
  • Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer (GCMS)
  • olfactometer
  • sampling
  • drying cabinets
  • cutting roller mill
  • jaw crusher
  • knife mill
  • centrifugal mill
  • vibrating disc mill
  • ball mill


This image showsMartin Reiser

Martin Reiser

Leader of "Emissions" (EMS)

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Giuseppina Müller


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Axel Goschnick


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