Courses offered for the study courses Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Real Estate Engineering and Economics, WASTE, WAREM, MIP

Range of courses

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We offer Theses for noumerous degree programs (Bachelor and Master). 

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Range of Courses

Courses offered for Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, WASTE, WAREM and MIP

Lecturers, scientific staff and lecturers at the chair cover courses of various courses and supervise their students. The courses offered by the chair are particularly oriented towards the study courses Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and the English-language study course Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering (WASTE).

Since WS 08/09, the diploma courses in environmental engineering and civil engineering have been converted to the Bachelor's/Master's system and teaching is offered in modular form.

Civil Engineering and Environmental Protection (BSc.):

  • Waste management and biological exhaust air purification
  • Lecture Series Environmental Management

Civil Engineering (MSc.):

  • Master subject Waste Technology with Modules mentional below

Degree in environmental protection technology (MSc.):

Master subjects "Waste Technology" and "Waste Management":

  • Planning in Waste Engineering
  • Waste treatment processes
  • Municipal waste management
  • Resource Management
  • Emissions from waste disposal plants
  • International Waste Management
  • Industrial waste and contaminated sites
  • Biogas (lectureship of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Rettenberger)
  • Environmental relevance of waste plants (lectureship of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Dieter Huber)

Master's programmes "Infrastructure Planning" and "WAREM" (English):

  • Sanitary Engineering, Lecture Solid Waste Management
  • Ecology III

Foreign-oriented Master's programme WASTE (English-speaking):

  • Sanitary Engineering, Lecture Solid Waste Management
  • Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment
  • Design of Solid Waste Treatment Plants
  • Industrial waste and contaminated sites
  • Independent Study
  • Biological waste air purification and adsorption
  • International Waste Management
  • Sanitary Engineering: Practical class
  • Measurement of Air Pollutants

The range of courses is supplemented by seminars, waste management internships, exercises in waste management planning and one-day and multi-day excursions.

Prof. Kranert also teaches Waste Management and Waste Techniques at the University of Hohenheim.


This image shows Detlef Clauß

Detlef Clauß


Leader of "Circular Economy and Waste Management Systems" (SKA)

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