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Chair of Hydrochemistry and Hydrobiology in Urban Water Management

Water chemical analysis, analysis of organic micropollutants, interlaboratory comparisons, suitability tests, training courses for quality assurance, training courses for waste water sampling, biological test systems

Determination of organic micropollutants

LC-MS/MS Solid Phase Extraction

LC-MS/MS Autosampler

Mass spectrometry for trace substance analysis e.g. of pharmaceuticals or pesticides


Microbiology, stained cells in the 96-well plate

We carry out water analyses for all common water parameters. In addition, we are specialized in the screening and determination of organic micropollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals, hormonally active substances, flame retardants and similar substance classes). For hormonal activity we also perform biological effect tests (E-Screen-Assay).

n the field of analytical quality assurance we organise interlaboratory comparisons and suitability tests. We also offer training courses on all topics of analytical quality assurance.
You can find more information on our Website AQS-BW.

We perform degradation studies with polymers in aqueous systems under aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic conditions. We advise on biological remediation measures. We contribute our special knowledge to expert opinions and investigations on biological drinking water and waste water treatment with special reference to mineral oil, CHC elimination and denitrification.

Evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons

Evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons


This image shows Michael Koch

Michael Koch


Scientific director of AQS Baden-Württemberg (Analytical Quality Assurance Baden-Württemberg)

This image shows Bertram Kuch

Bertram Kuch

Dr. rer. nat.

Leader of "Hydrobiology and Analysis of Organic Trace Compounds" (BiOS), takes over the official business of the chair by proxy since 01.04.2020

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