This image shows Bertram Kuch

Bertram Kuch

Dr. rer. nat.

Leader of "Hydrobiology and Analysis of Organic Trace Compounds" (BiOS), takes over the official business of the chair by proxy since 01.04.2020
Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management


Bandtäle 2
70569 Stuttgart (Büsnau)
Room: 1. OG - 1.022


Devision Manager: Hydrobiology and Analysis of Organic Trace Compounds | BiOS

  • Module "Environmental Analysis - Water and Soil": Lecture "Instrumental Analysis"," Analysis of Pollutants in Soil and Water" and the Practical Work "Envrionmental Analysis".
  • Module "Environmental Health and Biological Methods for Evaluation": Lecture "Testing Systems for the Determination of Biological" and the Practical Work "Environmental Biology".
  • Module "Industrial Waste Water I": Lecture and correspondent Parctical Work "Chemical Water Technology"  .
  • Module "Sanitary Engineering - Practical Class": Supervision of the english-speaking Practical Work.
  • Studies of Chemistry and Graduation
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