ISWA Administration

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Our Services

Our Services:

  1. External Funding Management: Comprehensive oversight and support for externally funded projects, including budgetary monitoring, regulatory compliance, and periodic reporting to relevant stakeholders and sponsors.

  2. Human Resources: Management of the Institute's recruitment and appointment processes, encompassing job advertising, preliminary candidate selection, and interview facilitation.

  3. Facility Management: Oversight of the maintenance, sanitation, and security of the Institute's buildings. This also includes space allocations, room reservations, and ensuring adherence to the university's facility standards.

  4. Financial Administration: Responsible for the Institute's budgeting, financial reporting, and accounting, ensuring the accurate and timely management of all financial affairs.

  5. Legal Consultation: Provision of legal guidance on matters relating to university statutes, employment regulations, and other relevant legal areas specific to the Institute's operations.

  6. Role Profiling: Drafting and regular updating of detailed role profiles for every position within the Institute, ensuring clarity in duties, responsibilities, and expectations.

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