Teaching and research laboratory

The LFL is the central service laboratory for all chairs of the ISWA.
We deal with environmental analytical topics with a focus on organic trace substances and all questions of quality assurance in chemical analysis.


December 14, 2022

Central services - added value through pooling

Water is the basic prerequisite for life and is therefore highly worthy of protection. Many chemical substances introduced into the environment by human activity have a negative impact on the ecosystem, and some can impair drinking water quality or wastewater treatment processes.

We investigate the chemical quality of water (groundwater, surface water, wastewater, drinking water). In interdisciplinary cooperation with microbiologists and engineers, we support solutions for improving water and environmental quality, including the determination of sum parameters and individual substances:

      • Organic trace substances: pharmaceuticals, hormones, pesticides / biocides, PCBs, dioxins, PAHs, flame retardants,...
      • Inorganic substances: Nutrients, anions
      • Heavy metal and element analysis
      • Effect-related analysis (determination of estrogenic/hormonal activity of environmental samples)

Analytical Quality Assurance Baden-Württemberg is also based at the LFL. Founded in 1987
for the external quality assurance of water laboratories on behalf of the state of Baden-Württemberg, today it deals with all aspects of quality assurance in chemical analysis beyond interlaboratory comparisons and attempts to support chemical laboratories with new developments and further training courses.

GC sample injection
GC sample injection


This image shows Bertram Kuch

Bertram Kuch

Dr. rer. nat.

Leader of "Hydrobiology and Analysis of Organic Trace Compounds" (BiOS), takes over the official business of the chair by proxy since 01.04.2020

This image shows Michael Koch

Michael Koch


Scientific director of AQS Baden-Württemberg (Analytical Quality Assurance Baden-Württemberg)

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