Department of Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering

Our research and development work benefits from the multidisciplinary orientation of the ISWA institute. Scientists, engineers, and technicians work hand in hand.

Unlocking Sustainable Solutions with Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering

The Department of Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering is dedicated to the exploration of methods, development of processes, and implementation of technologies aimed at addressing environmentally relevant challenges in our modern society. Throughout the entire technology development process, we cover laboratory-scale, pilot-scale, and large-scale dimensions. We provide support to decision-makers in politics and society. Through the multidisciplinary nature of our department and close collaboration with other departments at ISWA, our focus includes areas such as resource efficiency, climate change, and energy transition.

In our ongoing research projects, we investigate the relationship between precipitation intensity and flooding or water scarcity, energetically optimizing water supply and wastewater treatment plants, resource management and recycling, the bioeconomy, and greenhouse gas emissions. We always strive to adopt a multiscale approach.

In our teaching activities, we offer exciting and motivating bachelor's, master's, and doctoral theses, often in close collaboration with our national and international projects. Additionally, we provide interesting lectures for bachelor's and master's degree programs in Environmental Engineering, WAST E, WAREM, and MIP. Furthermore, we are involved in double-degree programs, such as with Chalmers, and the ENWAT doctoral program.



Chair of Waste Management and Emissions

Bandtäle 2, Stuttgart

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