Teaching water wastewater microbiology, pollutants chemistry, and soil recycling involves studying microorganisms in water, understanding pollutant behavior and its effects, and promoting sustainable soil management. Emphasize practical examples, engage students through hands-on activities, and highlight the importance of sustainability and individual responsibility in environmental protection.

Course Offering in Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Our range of courses in the Bachelor's and Master's programs encompasses numerous mandatory, elective, and optional modules for various German and international degree programs at the University of Stuttgart. We offer practice-oriented lectures, laboratory practicals, seminars, and excursions, as well as study projects, bachelor's theses, and master's theses.

Degree programs in detail

Faculty 2:

Faculty 3:

Chemistry (Bachelor)

Faculty 4:

Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Wastewater Process Engineering (WASTE; international Master) Technical Biology

ISWA is also involved in the international doctoral program ENWAT (Environment Water) at the University of Stuttgart and offers non-university training and further education opportunities.

Further information on teaching

  • Organizational information about the courses can be found in C@MPUS.
  • Teaching materials and recordings are available in ILIAS.
  • The official module handbooks can be viewed under Bologna for Students.

Offer for thesis projects at ISWA (Bachelor and Master)

We offer numerous thesis projects for Bachelor and Master students. The topics are closely related to our current research. Please approach the professors and scientific staff members in the respective departments for further information


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