Our research focuses on environmental microbiology, degradation of pollutants, biological waste air purification, and the use of biological and non-biological process technologies to solve problems related to the environment. This requires the investigation of microbial degradation pathways, the identification of metabolites, the analysis of mass balances of degradation processes, and the optimization of related technical systems.

Biological degradation of pollutants

  • Basic research on biological degradation of environmental pollutants
  • Isolation, identification and characterization of bacteria with special abilities to degrade chemicals
  • Elucidation of degradation pathways for various hydrocarbons, such as halogenated aromatics, ether compounds, branched alkanes, PAHs
  • Investigation of the bacterial degradation of drug residues
  • Investigations of pollutant degradation in hypersaline environments
  • Investigation of the biochemistry and genetics of key enzymes of degradative systems, such as mono- and dioxygenases

Applied environmental protection: waste air and waste water treatment

  • Use of special bacteria in technical plants for the removal of pollutants
  • Optimization of biological waste air purification processes
  • Development of novel processes and process combinations in environmental technology
  • Immobilization of bacteria on different surfaces, e.g. on packing material in waste air purification or on rotating immersion disk in waste water treatment

Biotransformation: Recovery of valuable materials

  • Research on the biosynthesis of valuable substances
  • Use of biotransformation potentials for the production of compounds that are difficult to manufacture chemically
  • Use of renewable and secondary raw materials for the synthesis of fine chemicals
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