Newly-funded MWK project aims to develop a novel approach for biological wastewater treatment

February 14, 2024 / Dr. Ilka Schwittlinsky

Prof. Dr. Sara Kleindienst is set to embark on a new research project, funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg. The project is one of nine projects funded as part of the initiative „Mikroorganismen als Helfer im Klimaschutz – mit innovativen Verfahren mikrobielle Prozesse für eine klimaneutrale Zukunft nutzen“ and will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Andreas Kappler (University of Tübingen).

This project examines the use of magnetite mineral particles in a bioreactor for wastewater treatment. The goal of the bioreactor is to simultaneously remove ammonium, recover phosphate, and produce methane. The aim is to offer an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for recovering valuable resources and producing energy, while the CO2 emissions usually produced during wastewater treatment are reduced. This innovative wastewater treatment system therefore has the potential to contribute to climate protection.

More Information on the MWK initiative (in German)

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