New Managing Director at ISWA - Prof. Sara Kleindienst

October 1, 2023 / Daniel Raja-Nigl

Prof. Kleindienst: New Directorship at ISWA

Prof. Kleindienst, head of the Environmental Microbiology Department at the University of Stuttgart since July 2022, is new managing director at ISWA. Previously, Prof. Kleindienst had co-led the institute alongside Prof. Oliver Röhrle, the former dean of the Faculty 2: Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

With her extensive background in fundamental research in the area of environmental microbiology, Prof. Kleindienst represents an important pillar at ISWA. Her vision for the institute includes fostering a dynamic synergy between fundamental and applied research, a crucial approach for addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time.

One of her primary goals is to promote and facilitate innovative thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration both within ISWA and wider contexts. Prof. Kleindienst acknowledges that the most effective solutions often arise at the intersection of various fields and perspectives. Additionally, Prof. Kleindienst is dedicated to enhancing the institute's international visibility and to further pushing the boundaries of research and innovation to drive environmental sustainability forward.

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