Hydrochemistry and Hydrobiology in Sanitary Engineering

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We deal with topics of environmental chemistry and environmental analysis with main focus on organic micropollutants, all questions about analytical quality assurance as well as biological processes of nitrogen elimination

GC sample injection
GC sample injection

Water is the basic requirement for life and, thus, particularily worth to be protected. Chemical substances introduced into the evironment by human activity can have negative effects on the ecosystem, some of them can influence the quality of potable water or the processes of wastewater treatment. 

We investigate the chemical quality of water (ground, surface, wastewater, potable water) as well as the chemical basics of natural and technical processes such as the   treatment of potable and wastewater, remediation of contaminated groundwater or composting of green waste. In interdisciplinary cooperation with microbiologists and engineers we work out solutions for the improvement of the quality of water and the environment and  among others deal with

  • the investigation of chemical processes in environmental technical plants
  • the determination of elimination efficiencies and chemical loads  in sewage treatment plants
  • water and evironmental analysis (determination of summary parameters and individual compounds):
    • organic micropollutants: pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, pesticides / biocides, PCB, dioxins, PAHs, flame retardants,...
    • inorganic compounds: nutrients, anions
    • heavy metal and elemental analysis
    • effect-based analysis (determination of estrogenic/hormonal activity of environmental samples)
  • quality assurance in chemical analysis: proficiency testing, advanced and in-house training
  • biological nitrogen elimination, e.g. in aquacultures
  • biological processes of remediation (CHC elimination)

The Chair of Hydrochemistry and Hydrobiology in Sanitary Engineering at ISWA was headed by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Jörg W. Metzger from 04/1996 till 04/2020. The chair is divided into the working groups Hydrochemistry and Analytical Quality Assurance (Head: Dr.-Ing. Michael Koch) and Hydrobioly and Organic Trace Compounds (Head: Dr. rer. nat. Bertram Kuch).

Since 04/2020 Dr. Kuch has taken over the provisional management of the chair.


This image shows Bertram Kuch

Bertram Kuch

Dr. rer. nat.

Leader of "Hydrobiology and Analysis of Organic Trace Compounds" (BiOS), takes over the official business of the chair by proxy since 01.04.2020

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