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Urban Water Management and Water Recycling

Chair of

Wastewater technology, industrial pollution prevention and control, micropollutants, pollutants, sanitary engineering, water supply, storm water, municipal wastewater treatment, recovery of nutrients, sludge disposal, integrated water quality and resource management, energy efficiency

We align our institute to new requirements of environmental protection. In this course, the chairs "Chair of Urban Water Management and Water Recycling" and "Chair of Waste Management and Emmisions" (and thus also the Department of Biological Waste Air Purification) are merged. In the future, you will find our contents under the "Chair of Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering".

The chair for urban water management consists of the five departments Wastewater Technology, Industrial Water and Wastewater Technology, Competence Centre for Micropollutants, Urban Drainage as well as Water Quality Management and Water Supply. In addition, the Demonstration and Research Wastewater Treatment Plant is organisationally assigned to the chair. Thus, concerning the subject water&wastewater, the research and teaching activities cover a wide range of topics as follows:

  • Abstraction, treatment, transport, storage and distribution of potable and process water
  • Urban drainage – flood prevention and management and treatment of storm water
  • Wastewater treatment technology of municipal wastewater treatment plants including recovery of nutrients and sludge disposal
  • Industrial pollution prevention and control with process- and production-integrated measures and end-of-pipe-treatment
  • Characterisation of micropollutant fluxes in urban catchment areas, reduction strategies regarding their application and establishment and further development of advanced wastewater treatment techniques for micropollutant removal,
  • Water quality management and integrated water resources and water reuse management.

In all areas, we follow the integrated approach taking into account the shift of pollutants from one media to another, energy aspects and the potential of storm and wastewater as a resource in the spirit of circular economy.


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Renate Schill



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Harald Schönberger

PD Dr.-Ing. habil.

Stand-in professorship "Chair of Urban Water Management and Water Recycling"

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