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Michael Koch


Scientific director of AQS Baden-Württemberg (Analytical Quality Assurance Baden-Württemberg)
Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste


+49 711 685 65444
+49 711 685 55444


Bandtäle 2
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 1. OG - 1.024


Devision Manager: Hydrochemistry and Analytical Quality Assurance Baden-Württemberg

Lectures and Practical Work:
  • Waste Water Sampling
  • Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry in General
  • Estimation of Measurement Uncertainties
  • Usage of Quality Control Charts
  • Sampling Course
  • Traceability and Certified Reference Materials
  • Quality Management
  • Statistics of Analytical Chemistry
  • Calibration
  • Validation of Analytical Operation
  • Studies of Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart
  • Thesis in the field of water chemistry
  • Graduation to Dr.-Ing. with the subject "Komplexchemisches und bakterientoxisches Verhalten von Schwermetallphosphonatkomplexen"
Membership in Organisations and Working Committees
Field of Activity
  • Management of analytical laboratories
  • Management and coordination of all activities of the department hydrochemistry within the AQS Baden-Württemberg
  • Preparation of expertises to:
    • Accreditation of testing laboratories degradability of pure substances,
    • Substance mixtures, sewage etc.
    • Environmental influences and chemical aspects of the heat storage in the underground
    • General questions concerning water-chemistry 
  • Network administration
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