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Ralf Minke

Dipl.-Ing., Akad. Oberrat

Research Assistent
Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management
Multiscale Environmental Process Engineering


+49 711 685 65423
+49 711 685 63729

Bandtäle 2
D-70569 Stuttgart Stuttgart
Room: 0.004 EG


Areas of expertise

  • Drinking & service water supply for households, industry, irrigation of green areas and agriculture

  • Identification, evaluation and use of alternative urban water resources - rainwater, grey water, runoff from low contaminated traffic areas, groundwater drainage etc.

  • Planning and energetic optimization of water supply systems

  • Modeling and optimization of combined storage strategies and techniques for rainwater harvesting and stormwater flooding prevention

  • Integration of sustainable urban water management elements into the planning process of individual urban quarters

  • Special wastewater treatment and water purification processes -anaerobic biological treatment, adsorptive processes, membrane processes

  • Wastewater (pre)treatment and water recycling in the textile finishing and leather industry

Research Projects

  • BoHei – A neighborhood reinvents itself – Integrated resource-efficient urban development
  • PlaTo - Development of a Planningtool for vapour condensates
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